Low Cost Softcover Books Offset Printing in Bali

Low Cost Softcover Books Offset Printing in Bali, perfect for any printing need. Novels, travel guides, children's books, and autobiographies

Softcover Book
Softcover Book
Product Info
Artwork File:PDF
Print Side:2 sides printing
Cover:Fullcolor Artpaper 230 gsm
Content:Plain paper HVS White 70 gsm
Binding:Perfect Binding (Hot Glue)
Timeframe:5-14 business days (depending order quantities)

Softcover Book

Minimum order : 100books


  200 -   299
  300 -   499
  500 -   999
1000 - 1999
2000 -   Up

Softcover Book

Softcover Book Printing in Bali

Softcover or Paperback books are the most popular book type and the ones we are asked to print most often. This books they are perfect for any printing need like as Novels, poetry collections, travel guides, children's books, and autobiographies are all usually printed as paperback books.

They are more cost effective than Hardcover, they are more portable, and are printed quicker.
MahaMeru  print paperback books in a range of sizes; A6, A5, A4 or a custom size of your choice. The size you choose will depend largely on what your book is. Most books are printed A5, but workbooks, reference guides and training manuals are often better in A4.

If your book is plain text, then the decision is simple. Black and white all the way. But if your book features images you have a decision to make.  Black and white printing is less expensive than colour; our online price option can demonstrate the cost difference for you.  If your book relies on images or full-color illustrations, or if you've written a children's book, they often look much better in full color.

Book Pages and Binding

Perfect bound / Hot Glue binding need to have a minimum of 50 pages and a maximum of 500 pages in order for the binding process to be effective. If the book has too few pages the glue might not take properly, and if it has too many the insides might become too heavy and break up the glue.

If you do need to print fewer than 50 pages, we recommend our booklet printing service. This uses stitch binding and as such there are no minimum page quantity restrictions.

For text books (where the printing doesn't cover the complete page) we suggest you leave a minimum of 18mm margins (white space) around all four edges of your text. If your book has pages that are printed across the whole page (no margins) we suggest that you add a bleed.