Organza / Organdy Fabric Printing | fabric with transparent appearance

Organza / Organdy Fabric Printing price in Denpasar Bali. Organza / Organdy is a transparent, lightweight fabric with mesh like weave that gives it transparent appearance.

Organza / Organdy
Organza / Organdy
Product Info
Ink Color:Hi-Quality digital full color printing with Original Ink
Maximum Size:Maximum width depending on material fabric width. Required 5cm white space margin (print area space)

Organza / Organdy

Rp 0 /meter
[ meters ]
kg [ meters ]
Length (m)
50 - 99 meters
100 - 199 meters
200 meters Up
Minimum order :
10 m (can be different designs)

Organza / Organdy

Organza / Organdy fabric is a lightweight plain-woven fabric with mesh like weave that gives it transparent appearance.

 It is primarily made from synthetic fibers like nylon, rayon and polyester. Synthetic materials like nylon and polyester are most commonly used to make this fabric.

These materials can be printed with digital fullcolor printing.

Organza / Organdy is most commonly used to weave Sarees, Dresses and Scarves. 

For your next dressmaking, embellishment or accessory making project, choose one of our gorgeous Organza fabrics printed with your designs. Wonderfully light, sheer, see-through fabrics that have a feminine floaty drape. Perfectly suited for use on bridal wear, trim and accessories the colour gets stronger when layered. The use of this fabric in layering an attire can be seen aplenty. It adds volume to a garment and is often used as the base fabric for embroideries and appliques. This sheer fabric is also used to manufacture home furnishing products such as embellished sofa covers and curtains.