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Get your book printed today in magazine format in Bali, paperback and hardcover mode or in booklet style.

MahaMeru Printingr offer the highest quality paper and bindings. Long or short run.
Our books printing service in Bali is a perfect choice for those who want to print many books in black/white or in fullcolor !

Your books are printed and bound individually with the most advanced environmentally friendly procedures. We utilize the highest and most up-to-date printing standards combined with the longevity of traditional and latest book binding machine.

MahaMeru is your Self Book Publishing Partner

The easily become self publishing. Using our book calculator you can see the exact price for your book on the production part of the site. Choose the desired number of pages, book size, material and the amount will appear. The price depends on the number of pages, type of book and the book size.

At MahaMeru you can make your own custom catalog book, tabloid, magazine, photo booklet, photo album, graduation book (yearbook), book journal, user manual book, book for meeting, etc.